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emeraldwave is a lifestyle brand designed to “nurture the human spirit through sound.” From creating a harmonious setting for a yoga workout or a focused study session to rebooting with a good night’s sleep, emeraldwave recharges the mind, body, and spirit and gives you the opportunity to customize your experience through carefully created playlists, visualizers, and messaging.

Each category contains playlists that take you on a personalized journey. Whether you choose to engage with gentle nature sounds set to music, relaxing guitar and piano, ambient electronic, the perfect at-home spa experience, a peaceful work or study session, or simply to provide a soundtrack to a rejuvenating workout, emeraldwave has something to offer all listeners.

emeraldwave is a subsidiary brand of Green Hill Music and Primary Wave and represent the music of many of the artists that are associated with each brand, including Enigma, Jim Brickman, David Arkenstone, and many more.